My charities

One of the most difficult decisions I have had to make was which charities to support. There are so many organisations doing such fantastic work locally but unfortunately I could only choose two. The ones I have chosen are Help for Heroes and Different Strokes.

Help for Heroes provides direct practical support to wounded, injured and sick Service personnel, veterans, and their families. This is provided through grants to individuals and other service charities, capital build projects and support for life at four recovery centres across the UK.

Help for Heroes’ five key messages are:

  • It’s about ‘the blokes’: those men and women of our Armed Forces who have been wounded in the service of our country.
  • H4H provides direct, practical support for our wounded. We fund projects and initiatives that make a real difference to the lives of our wounded heroes.
  • We do not seek to criticise or be political. We just want to help and we work closely with the Army, Navy and RAF to provide support where it is most needed.
  • ‘Money in, money out’. We pride ourselves on our ‘Money In and Money Out’ policy that ensures that every penny you raise is spent or allocated to the direct, practical support of our men and women of the Armed Forces whose lives are affected in the line of duty.
  • It’s about doing your bit, no matter how big or small. Every fundraiser is special to us and can make a real difference, so please keep going!

Different Strokes is a charity providing a unique free service to younger stroke survivors throughout the United Kingdom. The services provided and the number of stroke survivors benefiting from them has grown dramatically since the charity was formed in 1996. The charity is run by stroke survivors for stroke survivors, for active self help and mutual support.

The mission of this charity is to help stroke survivors of working age to optimise their recovery, take control of their own lives and regain as much independence as possible by offering ‘rehabilitative services’, information and advice.

Different Strokes currently does this by:

  • organising a national network of weekly exercise classes,
  • providing practical, easy to use information for the recovering stroke survivor,
  • offering a ‘StrokeLine’ telephone service so that younger stroke survivors can speak to other younger stroke survivors,
  • keeping stroke survivors informed, through newsletters, an interactive website and other means, of developments relevant to them.

Throughout the year I will be holding charitable events to raise funds for these charities. Information about these can found in the Charity Events part of this blog and they will always be shown in my forthcoming events.

These events give you the opportunity of having fun while raising funds for tribute to these charities. If you would like to organise fundraising events please call the Pauline Blackham on 0121 569 3204.


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