Tipton Sports Academy Charity Evening


 set on Flickr.

Friday night, as we had a previous engagement I asked the Deputy Cllr Vic Sylvester and his wife Carole to stand in for me and we would get their as soon as possible.

When we got there it was when Helesa were performing, two young ladies who got  our feet tapping, and weren’t they good.

Next on was a young group of teenagers by the name of the Outsiders, what talent they had. Mark my words, remember that name, they will go far.

Will Shannon brought up the rear, what a great voice he had. We were bowled over by the talent, home-grown in Tipton, what a night we had.

What must be a first, recording material no less, was the Leader Councillor Cooper with a backing group of members of the Council giving a rendition of Frank Sinatra’s “I did it my way”. I don’t think I’ll be the same again.

I made a point of getting on the dance floor with Suzanne and Geoff to thank them both, without them this evening would have not taken place.

Many thanks for all that were there and for the generous donations.


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